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Scheduled Electrical Maintenance

At AMPNET we provide scheduled maintenance for commercial businesses and have designed an easy system to keep clients up to date with their electrical safety and maintenance needs. As a professional electrical contractor, we recognise the importance of providing a non-disruptive solution that minimises downtime.


Should You Be Doing Electrical Preventive Maintenance to your commercial building?

Yes you bet!


Too many people mistakenly think a lack of moving parts means little can go wrong with the electrical system within your building. The fact is the two top causes of electrical distribution failures are loose connections and exposure to moisture. These account for nearly half of all electrical losses. Both problems can be corrected with a comprehensive Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Plan (SEMP) and prevent costly interruptions for tenants.


Consider these four factors when planning a program for your building:

  • Qualified Personnel: The people who perform your SEMP must be properly trained for the specific equipment being maintained or tested. They should have a thorough understanding of electrical safety practices and procedures. 
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Inspection, testing & servicing of equipment and services should be done on a regular basis —thermal imaging of switch boards at least once every three years and annually for lighting, exit & emergency lights, testing residual current devices (RCDs) and testing & tagging. 
  • Performing the Work: After AMPNET’s inspection we will offer a report with fixed pricing to achieve long-term electrical reliability. We will recommend improvements you can make in terms of energy efficient lighting, necessary electrical upgrades and appropriate planning toward scheduled outages. 
  • Record-Keeping: AMPNET will keep a clear, concise and complete record-keeping system that will help make sure that all electrical maintenance is kept updated. Tracking test results over time can often identify a potential failure that can be corrected before it happens.


Electrical preventive maintenance is cost-effective in many ways, improves equipment efficiency and reduces utility bills. Don’t neglect your electrical distribution system. Consider AMPNET’s Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Plan before a costly failure occurs.


What we will do for you…

Replacing lamps

Worksafe and other OHS standards have requirement that adequate lighting is provided on your premises. This is especially important common areas to control risks that arise from poor light such as trips & falls or burglary. AMPNET provide a lamp replacement service to remove risks associated with poor lighting.  

Exit and emergency Lighting

Under the Building Act and regulation landlords are to provide and maintain essential safety measures. This includes ensuring that exit and emergency lighting is operational. AMPNET can assist in helping you meet this obligation. We test all your emergency and exit lights to certify these essential signs are in working order. This ensures that your tenants and visitors are able to exit a dangerous situation as safely as possible.

We follow recommendations found in Australian Standard 2293.2 and our electricians rectify faults on the spot if they have available parts otherwise we issue maintenance order which executed as soon as possible.

Energy Efficient Lighting

We will also look at options for energy efficient lighting and make recommendations of light fitting that will save you money.

Residual Current Device (RCD) Testing

RCD are the last line of defence to prevent electrocution or property damage.  Our electricians visually check your RCD and if possible will test if they operate correctly in accordance with AS/NZS 3760.2010. In instances where we are unable to trip a critical load we complete a visual check.

Thermographic imaging of your switch board

High resistance joins and over loaded circuits can result in property damage. Taking a thermographic image of your electrical system may identify potential faults. After testing is complete the detailed image is added to report as evidence of the results.

Appliance test and tagging  

Appliance test and tagging aims to ensure that all appliance within the building a safe for tenant or visitors.  We visually check the appliance and perform an earth continuity and insulation resistance test. The appliances that pass these tests a then fitted with a tag which is entered on our register. The regularity   of the testing is determined by environment in which the appliance operates.

Reporting and Record Keeping

AMPNET provide a detailed report of our findings and keeps your information for future engagements or when you request its retrieval. This will also include a Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Plan (SEMP) which can be used moving forward.



Contact us for a quote on how we can optimise your business' electrical and communications needs today.


 Download: Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Plan for Landlords

 Download: Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Plan for Tenants