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 Ampnet is able to provide selected mining, energy, agriculture, water,  and waste water telemetry SCADA products. We are  an Intergrator specialising in the miri telemetry modules. We are able to support engineering firms, automation contractors and end users with their PLC, Wireless and SCADA needs.  


 The Benefits of Using a Wireless Control System? 


There is a significant number of advantages of choosing a wireless automation system over a traditional hardwired system. Points below highlight some of the key advantages.

1. Reduce Operating Costs: Wireless technology simply eliminates trenching, running conduit, and reduces the usage of raw materials. The cost of engineering to conduct extensive surveys, planning, along with permitting are removed from the equation.
2. Rapid Implementation: Because there are less obstacles and time needed for deployment, data collection comes on almost instantly.
3. Better Information and Improved Operator Safety: Replacing manual readings with an automated system provides data that is more timely, accurate, and consistent. More importantly, wireless automation systems reduce hazardous exposure to human beings and also helps eliminate or prevent accidents while providing 24/7, around-the-clock, near real-time monitoring.
4. Trusted, Secure Wireless Network: By delivering a wireless system that is robust, reliable, and secure, operators are empowered to solely focus efforts on optimisation and making better decisions.
5. Flexibility and Scalability: The Wireless telemetry System can be fully integrated to virtually any existing SCADA system or create an entirely new network structure providing users with greater flexibility. Designed to grow with networks of any size, the MIRI Wireless System is truly capable of meeting the challenges of today’s complex SCADA systems.
6. Environmental Compliance: Helps meet green initiatives and regulatory requirements.


Our mission is to support Miri telemetry units in Tasmania,  Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland . 



Miri AD2006





Application Example: Fully Automatic Water Level Monitoring  Pump Control System 




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Miri Telemetry Training 


At Ampnet we are firm believers that learning comes through play.  Hence, we have developed a training kit which facilitates learning from basic through to advanced PLC, SCADA &HMI programming and troubleshooting.


At present Ampnet conducts PLC training for the Miri Telemetry Range.

We are able to provide Miri Demo kits which your staff can use to simulate real world systems. This familiarity with the equipment will allow faster resolution of break downs. Leading to less down time on your plant.


During our training courses:

  • We develop a PLC program for an automatic control system of a medium degree of complexity.
  • Select the right hardware for a given application.
  • Connect the field devices to the Miri Telemetry PLC to create a complete control system.
  • Consider such aspects of the automation system as network communication, human machine interface, safety and protection against interference.
  • Program typical Miri industrial PLC hardware.

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